The permanent Commission for the promotion of studies in the Order was created in the General Chapter of Quezon City in 1978. Its goal is to call the attention of the brothers to major doctrinal questions of the day and prepare them to dialogue with the modern world through research and study, but most especially research and study around questions proper to the intellectual world and culture. These all require planning of the permanent formation of the brothers, the coordination of professors and specialized institutions either on the regional or international level (AGC 1998, Bologna, no. 198). One must pay attention above all to the questions raised by the new generation. The promotion of studies in the Order necessarily implies attentiveness to the training of future professors and specialists (AGC 2001, Providence, no. 156).

fr Michael MASCARI
fr Bryan Louis KROMHOLTZ
fr Michal PALUCH
fr Jorge A. SCAMPINI
fr Srecko KORALIJA
fr Luis Javier Rubio GUERRERO
fr Brice Kézié BINI

fr Michael Deeb (ONU)
sr Celestina Veloso FREITAS (DSI)
sr Margaret MACE (DLC – ONU)
fr Orlando RUEDA ACEVEDO  (Vita Apostolica)
sr Marie Therese CLEMENT (DSI)
fr Mario Rui MARCAL (Africa)
sr Petronille KAYIBA (Africa)
sr Migdalia PEREZ (America Latina)
fr Charles DAHM (35) (America septentr)
sr. Marcelline KOCH (America septentr)
fr Andreas KURNIAWAN (41) (Asia-Pac)
sr Hermine NURHAYAMI (Asia-Pac)

The Commission De Monialibus of the General Chapter of Oakland (1989) recommended the appointment of a General Promoter of the Nuns as well as the establishment of an International Commission of Nuns.  (#154)

Composition of members:  The International Commission consists of 11 representatives from federations and regions (3 from Spain, 1 from France, 1 from Italy, 1 from the rest of Europe, 1 from North America, 1 from Mexico, 1 from South America, 1 from Africa, and 1 from Asia –Pacific).  The members of the Commission are proposed by their respective federations and/or regions (a list of three names) and appointed by the Master of the Order for a term of 6 years, in such a way that every three years, half of the members of the commission are replaced. In this way, both continuity and change are equally ensured.

Objectives: Today, together with the General Promoter, fr Brian Pierce OP, the International Commission plays an important role within the world of the nuns of the Order in terms of promoting greater communication and mutual understanding among the monasteries and providing advice and recommendations for the Master with regard to issues of interest concerning the life of the nuns as well as the cooperation and interaction within the Dominican Family.

Meetings: The international Commission meets annually for a week, in one host monastery, working together under the chairmanship of the General Promoter – the present promoter is fr Brian J Pierce OP.  Through these meetings, our vision of the Order and the Nuns is enriched, and our communion in prayer, vocation and common mission, intensified.

International Bulletin- Monialibus: In 2001, the Commission launched the first issue of the International Bulletin of the nuns – Monialibus.  The members of the international commission are primarily responsible for collecting information, news and articles from their respective federations or regions.  It is published twice a year in English, Spanish and French; it is also available on the website of the Order.

Sr. Marie-Juliette, OP – Cameroon, representative of Africa.
Sr. Mª Teresa Gil Martínez, OP – Federación de la Inmaculada of Spain
Sr. Inmaculada Serrano Posadas, OP – Federación de Nra. Sra. del Rosario of Spain.
Sr. Mª del Mar Castro, OP – Federación de Santo Domingo, Spain.
Sr. Theresa Bui Thi Tam, OP – Vietnam, representative of Asia-Pacific.
Sr. Mª Josefa Strettiova, OP – Czech Republic, representative of Europa Utriusque
Sr. Isabelle Lepoutre, OP – Switzerland, representative of  Federation Notre-Dame des Precheurs of France.
Sr. Paola Panetta, OP – representative of Italy.
Sr. Margarita Martínez Canales, OP – representantive of Federación de Santa María de Guadalupe, Mexico.
Sr. Irene Díaz, OP – Ecuador, representative of the Monasteries of South America.
Sr. Anna Marie Pierre, OP – representative of the Monasteries of USA/North America.

Consilium Œconomicum

fr Juan Luis Mediavilla García (1) Syndic Ord
fr Krzysztof Poplawski (10) Ex officio
fr Adam Sulikowski (10) (21.01.17)
fr Gian Matteo Serra (5) (21.01.17)
frAndré Descoteaux (31) (21.01.17)
fr. Judethadeus Aloyce Mmassy (29) (21.01.17)
fr Domingo Sánchez (19) (21.01.17)
fr Richard Ounsworth (9) (21.01.17)


Consilium  Œconomicum Extraordinarium

fr Paolo Venturelli (4) (21.01.17)
fr Rafael Cúnsulo(28) (21.01.17)

The number in parentheses refers to the Province to which it belongs and the date refers to when it was chosen, for three years.

Presentation of the Commission

In 1974, following on the General Chapter of Madonna dell’Arco (Naples, Italy) the Master of the Order instituted a commission for the liturgy of the Order (CLIOP: International Liturgical Commission of the Order of Preachers) in continuity with the Liturgical Institute whose historical seat was at Santa Sabina. The object of this was to review and to promote the Liturgy of the Order according to the choices made by the Council of Vatican II and the indications furnished by the General Chapters. From 1974 to 2001, the Commission was presided over by fr Vincenzo Romano (of the province of Sicily). During this period were prepared the principal liturgical books of the Proper of the Order of Preachers: the Liturgy of the Hours O.P. (1982), Missal and Lectionary O.P. (1985), Order of Profession O.P. (1999), Ordo for the Anointing and Order of Burial O.P. (2001)

In 2001, fr. Carlos A. Azpiroz Costa instituted a new commission for six years, with fr Dominique Dye (province of France) as president, renewed in 2007 for a new mandate of six years. This commission pursues the work of renewal of our liturgical customs, the edition of books and cooperation with the Provinces, the Monasteries of nuns, the Congregations of Sisters and the different groupings of the Dominican Family, for their adaptations, translations and publications of the O.P. Proper.

Three volumes of Documenta have been published: I. Additamenta ad Proprium Missalis et Liturgiae Horarum, 2006 (which complete the Missale et Lectionarum O.P. of 1985; II. Ordo Unctionis infirmorum eorumque spiritualis curae, 2008; III. Ordo exequiarum, 2008. Besides, the commission publishes the bulletin INFO/CLIOP.

At present, the Commission is composed of the following members:

fr. José Filipe Da Costa (Province of Portugal) – President
fr. David Caron (Province of St Martin the Porres, USA)
fr. Thomas Moller (Province of Teutonia, Germany)
fr. Dominik Jurczak (Province of Poland)
sr. Ragnhild Bjelland. (The Dominican Sisters of Notre Dame de Grâce (Chatillon) Oslo)

Other assisting members are:

fr. Joseph Nguyên Van Hiên (Province of Vietnam)
fr. Manuel Eduardo Solórzano Zerpa (Vicariate of Venezuela, Province of the Holy Rosary)

fr Dominic IZZO
fr Philippe COCHINAUX
fr Hilario SINGIAN

This commission was appointed after the general chapter of Bologna and had its first meeting in the early days of October 2017. The tasks of the commission are as follows:

  1. To propose to the Master of the Order ways and means for implementing the conclusions of the Cooperator Brothers Study (2013)
  2. To respond to the request of the general chapter of Bologna to prepare for the next general chapter in 2019 a text defining the identity and mission of the cooperator brothers in the Order, a text that would be suitable for including in LCO (AGC Bologna n.230)
  3. To draw inspiration from the exhortation given in AGC Bologna n.129 which asks the superiors of the Order to promote a model of the cooperator brother’s vocation characterized by contemplationpreaching and study, and service
  4. To propose to the Order guidelines for promoting the vocation of the cooperator brothers

The members of the commission are:

fr Herman JOHNSON, Province of St Martin de Porres USA, president of the commission
fr Miguel Angel ESPINOZA SANCHEZ, Holy Rosary province, vicariate of Venezuela
fr Tomasz GAJ, Province of Poland
fr Fabien-Joseph HIGNETTE, Province of Toulouse
fr Daniel-Mario IBEZIM, Province of Saint Joseph the Worker, Nigeria & Ghana
fr Joseph Mai Van TUYEN, Province of Vietnam
fr Mariusz SKOWRONSKI, Province of Poland
fr Vivian BOLAND, Socius for Fraternal Life and Formation, secretary of the commission

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